About Rust BaseFinder (Beta)

The Basics

Rust BaseFinder is a site which allows users to search for base designs based on a variety of factors, and allows content creators to advertise their bases by uplaoding them to the site.

By uploading base designs to this site, creators and users can more easily share and find the perfect base for their wipe.

How It Works

Anybody can add a base to the site by going to the 'Submit a Design' page, and filling in the form. Once the form is filled in the site will automatically work out the efficiency rating of the base, and add it to the list on the homepage.

The Maths

To work out the cost in scrap of the base, the site uses the following conversion rate:

1 Scrap = 20 Stone = 10 Frags = 0.5 HiQual

This conversion rate has been calculated using the cost of resources in scrap at the outpost.

To calculate the effiency rating of the base, the site divides the rockets required to raid by the upkeep cost of the base. This rating is reflective of how efficient the base is at protecting your loot.